What We Do

We’re masquerading as a couple who just likes to see new places, but secretly we’re trying to find a new city to live in. We’ve both been in Las Vegas for over 10 years and are ready to get out of the heat! So whenever we can, we take a car or a plane to a new state, stay in cheap hostels in the heart of a city and try to envision what our lives would look like as locals.

We’ve visited a handful of new cities now – from Boston to San Francisco – and experienced a plethora of amazing adventures; but we have yet to find our new home.

But in a way, that’s a good thing. This world has a lot to offer, and we might end up seeing the whole thing before we finally feel at home. Then maybe one day as we wake up in a foreign town, catching the first glimpse of pink light over the morning clouds, we’ll look at each other and finally say, “this is it.”