Lantern Festival – What To Bring!

Lantern Festivals are becoming more popular and easier to attend thanks to social media! Lantern Festivals originated in China to mark the last day of the traditional Chinese New Years celebrations. Now, lantern festivals are being hosted around the world in efforts to bring communities together to write down their hopes/wishes and watch them rise into the night sky. In the United States, two large companies that host these events include LIGHTS FEST & LANTERN FEST.

#1 Purchase Your Ticket Months In Advance

These events usually take place on the outskirts of cities, at night time usually during spring, summer, and fall to ensure safety since the lanterns are lit with fire. We attended The Lights Fest in Mesquite, LV. These companies mainly do one event in each city once a year, and keep moving to the next city. So make sure you purchase your tickets month/s in advance & also to get in on the cheaper ticket prices.

Your ticket price will include your personal lantern, a sharpie so you can write/draw on your lantern, and usually a goodie bag with a little free gift depending on what company you go through! Parking fee is separate! So ensure you look for the separate link to purchase a parking slot!


Quick Tip:

To avoid traffic, I would definitely arrive at least an hour or two prior to festivities beginning.

#2: Bring Activities To Stay Entertained

Since the lanterns are lit up with fire, I can image all lantern festivals are surrounded by what ours was, dirt. The actual lantern part is about 20 minutes long, and happens at the very end of the event. So food, drinks, and games would be great to bring along with you to ensure it’s a fun afternoon all the way through. (You can also purchase sparklers for some extra fun!)


#3 Bring A Camera

When those lanterns are let go, there is something about that sight that just makes you tear up no matter how manly you think you are! Now camera’s aren’t going to capture the full beauty, but we definitely cherish our videos/photos. So make sure you bring a camera/smart phone to capture your experience!