Benefits of Book Keeping

Wish you had money to travel? Budget yourself to your goals!

Lots of our friends ask us how we afford to take a two week trip every three months while living on our own, and paying 3 auto loans. We both have regular, hourly paid, non commission jobs. Answer is, we budget! I feel most people think budgeting means restricting yourself which causes anxiety for some. Others may not understand where to start? But without it, Zach and I wouldn’t be able to afford these trips that we do.

If you want to start budgeting your money, here are the first three steps to take:

Begin Bookkeeping Your Expenses

I use excel to log everything related to money, like an accountant (which I’m not!) So first, you’ll need to back log your past two months to find out what you actually spend your money on. Separate it week by week to make it more organized.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.41.22 AM

Categorize Your Spending Habits

Begin a new column next to what you wrote, and write a category next to each entry. Was it food, personal spending, gas money, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.56.32 AM

Once it’s categorized, add it up! Now you can look between the two months and find an average that you spend on each category.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.48.58 AM

Create A Budget

Now that you know what is your norm spending, you can budget what you want it to be in order to achieve your side goals. Subtract your bill expenses from your income and see what is left over. From there, just distribute that money between the categories to decide what you will spend your money on.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.51.51 AM

This is just a simple example, it can be as detailed as you’d like. But from here, it just takes self-control, monitoring, and patience!


Have questions? Ask us!


How to Travel Cheaper!

The top two tips alone save us $1000 a trip. Insane savings!

Tip 1 – Ditch The Hotels

Did you know that the average price per night for a 3 star hotel in major cities such as San Francisco, New York, and Boston are usually around $190 a night? So for a week trip, you’d be spending around $1300 after taxes just for your hotel room. And that’s not including your $500 round trip airplane ticket I’m sure you just booked as well.

For us, we’d like a week trip to cost no more than $3K after all expenses. That’s how we travel so often. Budgets. But for two of us, being left with a grand after hotel and airline fees isn’t enough money for food, souveniors, museum fees, and cruise tours. So, we started to switch to hostels instead of hotels. The average hostel is half the price of a 3 star hotel. So now, we are paying $620 after taxes for that week stay. That saved us $680!


Our intimate hostel room in Boston

Tip 2 – Look for Niche Airlines

With the travel industry booming, more niche airlines are opening up. Niche airlines fly to specific destinations on specific dates which allows them to lower their prices since they are doing less air time on their part. Even though that means you’d have to plan your trip around when these airlines are flying, you’d be surprised with just how much money you will be saving.

We’re going to Oklahoma City to see Zach’s family during summer 2017 and were amazed by the price differences:

Regular Airline – American Airlines: $1,180

Niche Airline – Allegiant Airlines: $420

That saved us $760!

Some niche airlines include: Alaska Air GroupHawaiian Airlines, Spirit AirlinesLatam Airlines, and Allegiant Airlines.

Tip 3 – Stay Loyal to Companies

I naturally began using for our trips because I felt like they made it simple to sift through all the options and find exactly what I need & their prices are usually lower than competitor sites. Since I use them so much, they actually made a special link for me. Now, if anyone books their accommodations through this link  not only do I earn $20 in travel money, but the person who used my link does as well!

On top of that, has reward programs too. If I book 5 trips within a year with them, my fifth trip I can get a stay for free. I got all of this, just because I didn’t feel like googling different hotel names!

I hope you look into these options! Sometimes those top two tips alone save us around $1000 a trip. Don’t spend money that you don’t need to!