About Us


IMG_4244.JPGHoi! We are Zach and Sam Kieft. Established in 2013 over one amazing cup of coffee at Starbucks! Over the years we’ve kind of became one person. We share literally everything! Down to every beverage and meal we order! We just love experiencing everything together and hearing what the other person is thinking.

We love racing on our motorcycles, exploring new cities, trying to find new nature hideaways, decreasing our footprint on this beautiful earth, as well as sharing our journeys with those who are intrigued.

Zach’s passion is writing. He has a blog where he posts more of his short works, poems, writing exercises and thoughts. While Sam’s passion is more with creating things. Whether that is food, beverages, or crafts. So she has a blog as well, that displays all of her creations.

We’ve been told that we are corny. But we are also very real and honest. So if we come across super cheesy and lame, that’s because we are! Feel free to always comment or email us if you would like more information on anything that we post. We love to help others experience this world as we are.