About Us


Our names are Zach and Sam and our adventure started over a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks some 3 years ago. Sam and I fell in love and it was one of those things that just woke me up. I began looking at life differently – at my habits and my goals. I’ve always wanted to travel; to seek out adventure, but I realized I wasn’t working towards anything that I looked forward to. I was working hard to reach goals I didn’t care about, while not putting any effort in the dreams I’d had since I was a little boy.

Sam felt the same and so we began dreaming about what kind of future we wanted and started working out plans on how to get there. Finances are a big one. I can blow through money just as fast as the next millennial, but realizing just how far that dinner and a movie combo can take you across the country – across the world – helped us establish a savings. It’s fair to say our dreams surpass our income, but that hasn’t stopped us, and it won’t ever stop us because we crave the adventure too much.

Coming up are a few places in the United States and then Thailand. Or maybe Europe. We’ll know for sure in a few months, but what’s certain now is that no matter what, we’re going on an adventure.