Boston – 5 Must Dos!

Top sites to see in Boston! You’ll love them!!

If you ask anyone what’s my favorite place in the US, they will tell you Boston, MA. Boston stole my heart and so far no other place in the US even compares to this city in my eyes. So, with a ton of effort, I came up with my top 5 stops that I think travels should definitely check out in Boston. Parts of the city that made me just fall in love with it more and more!

Public Gardens


This park is in the middle of the city and is where locals go to spend time with their family, or to spend their lunch breaks from work. This park is 24 acres, has a large pond where tons of ducks call home, and also has some monuments that you can walk by and read about.


We ended up purchasing a picnic blanket during our stay just for how many times we wanted to take a nap in the grass.

Quincy Market

Located right behind the Faneuil Hall, is a two story – 27,000 sq. ft. food market filled with different fast food, restaurants, and dessert stands that you can choose from for some delicious lunch/dinner.


This place is a favorite of mine due to the busyness of the area, being surrounded by happy families, and also due to the awesome outside seating that have chess and checker pieces laid out for anyone to sit down and play while eating!


Red Sox Game

We love to show local pride when we visit a place. It allows us to connect with the locals, and to see what they’re proud of. So, we of course had to go to a Red Sox Game!


& it was definitely a blast! Hearing locals boo the Baltimore Orioles & cheer for their retiring Big Papi, David Ortiz!


The ice cream filled baseball cap made it more enjoyable too!

The Lawn on D

This is an adult park filled with lawn chairs, large jenga pieces, cornhole game, ping pong tables, a food & drink bar, and large lit up swings! Such a great place to hang out and enjoy the ambiance of the city!


Tea party museum

Now museums are definitely Zach’s thing, but this museum was actually a blast! Filled with roll playing, a mini movie, and a tour of a restored 18th century sailing vessel. This museum is a great way to laugh away an afternoon.


Freedom Trail

Beginning at Boston Common, this trail leads you through 16 major historic landmarks most that also offer on sight tours and souvenior shops.


This trail is 2.5 miles long so if you really wanna take in all the history, we recommend doing it over two days. One of the stops is at the Old South Meeting House and there, you can purchase a Freedom Trail book that goes into detail about each spot, an amazing read!

Near Paul Revere’s house, there are two small shops one of which is Eddie’s and Gill’s Printing Office, this is a must see! John Gill, is a history fanatic who actually tracked down one of the last original printers that were used during the Revolutionary War. John replicated the Declaration of Independence to exactly how it was printed back in 1776 and he sells copies of them at this shop!


If you’re visiting Boston and want to know even more cool hang out spots, read BOSTON: TOP 5 FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS FOR TOURISTS! & if you want even more, post a comment or message us!



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